Week 66


saraCiao a tutti! My name is Sara and I was born in Italy but I grew up/studied/worked in Africa, Latin America, USA and Europe. I am a veterinarian specialised in sustainable farming systems and rural development. Living abroad allowed me to experience other cultures, as well as participate in events and activities that promote Italian culture. I am a strong EU supporter and now possibly also an example of “reverse brain drain”, having recently completed a PhD in the UK and decided to move back to my beautiful Tuscany. I love travelling (who would have thought!?) and I run the blog Just Sara, where I mostly write about my travels and sometimes about environmental issues.


Week 65


katieHello, I Am Italy! My name is Katie. I will be traveling from the United States to Italy for the first time in June.
We will visit Rome, Florence, Siena, and the Amalfi Coast. We will travel by train and car. So glad my husband is excited about driving, so that we can see and experience more! Being curator will be a great way to experience the country in a unique way, and also appeal to other travelers. I will tweet and post lots of photos.

I am 43, married, 2 children (who are not going with us). I studied medieval history in college so I’m very interested in Siena in particular. I really can’t wait. I love food and wine and history and the visual arts. In the US I work in healthcare for people without health insurance (a charity) so I am interested in people and healthcare and society. I have been on Twitter for 5 years or so.

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Week 30


KatjaI am Swiss and blog about Southern Tuscany in general and Siena and Montalcino in particular. I’ve been living on a hill in the Maremma for the last 15 years. I share my life with a Tuscan native, our two kids and an olive grove. I think it would be interesting to tweet on I am Italy about art, hiking, wine, nature and events in Siena and Southern Tuscany (obviously!) but also about life in general (in my case for an example about raising kids in Italy and the joys of daily life in a small countryside village).