Week 64


VictoriaLa dolce vita for me sums up Victoria’s passion and love for all things Italian. An American (with deep Italian roots) living in California, her heart is always in Italy.
As a travel consultant, blogger, and writer, Victoria loves sharing practical no-nonsense travel tips and insights as well as her own experiences from a personal and light-hearted point-of-view.
Victoria loves writing on her travel blog, www.PostcardsfromTravelPiZazz.com and invites you to join her there as well as on Facebook, Twitter, Italian Talks, Italian Notebook, and Pinterest. She now offers two boutique tours to Italy and is editing her first e-book on travel planning.


Week 63


Silvia I was born and raised on lake Como, I graduated as a doctor in veterinary medicine in Milan and I’ve worked as a veterinarian for pets for almost 2 years. In the meantime I met the guy who now is my husband, an American officer of the US army, while he was on holiday in Italy. So I left everything behind me and now I’m living in Texas. I moved here in November so I’m still studying for being certified as a vet here too and trying to handle this new life. I love travelling (it’s so expensive here in the US ouch!), riding horses, cuddling with my doggy and hiking with my hubby.

Week 59


NinaCiao! My name is Nina Di Natale and I come from Sicily, the greatest island of the Mediterranean Sea. I’m not living in Sicily now, but I try to preserve my ancestral essence of “isolana”. I think that my personality is deeply influenced by the island, at the same time melting pot of different ancient populations and cultures, but also distant, alone, enclosed in the Sea, its main resource and charm.
The passion of the Sea carried me to study for became a Naval Engineer and Marine Architect. From my land I got also a sort of restlessness and continuous need to change place and town, I love travelling and I think that life is a continuous journey.

All of it it’s me, proudly made in Italy!

Week 57


Silvestro1Hello everybody! This week we will have Silvestro with us, from Lecce! Here it is what he says about himself:

“Greetings from Lecce. For the last 10 years I’ve run my own cooking school here in Lecce. I’m also a national-certified sommelier here in Italy. I bicycle Southern Italian wine country two months each year.”

So let’s discover his week!

Week 50


io2 Hi everybody, this week is my turn! My name is Mattia and together with my sister (almost true!) Vale (@valeversa), I am admin of this wonderful project 🙂
Italian, I was raised in Forlì and currently living/working in Ravenna, very far from my hometown (30 km). I love playing music, cooking and joking about my hairstyle.
This week I will be helped with another sister (this time a real one), @missmix123 – that will hopefully run a week by herself, too, one day 😉
Hope you will enjoy this time together!


Week 49


CristianoHello Everybody!
Next week’s curator will be Cristiano from Biella: as he says, a “little rainy spot between Milano and Torino (or, better between Torino and Milano)”.
He is a 43 years old computer scientist, book-eater, cinema fan and “photographer” (quotation marks added by him).
Follow his week to find out more!

Week 37



anja alja1Hello, we’re Alja and Anja, conservator-restorer and historian from Slovenia. We met each other during our second study of Design in stone and we hit if off straight away. Our mutual interests are presented in a brand that we started together – Milo za drago (Soap for my dear). In Slovenian this is also a playful phrase and with our products we try to give it a new, positive meaning.

Now we are spending our last week of summer internship in a mosaic workshop in Ravenna, Italy.
In our tweets we’ll share what inspires us here, so stay tuned.
And if you want to know more about us, check out our blog milozadrago.si