Week 65


katieHello, I Am Italy! My name is Katie. I will be traveling from the United States to Italy for the first time in June.
We will visit Rome, Florence, Siena, and the Amalfi Coast. We will travel by train and car. So glad my husband is excited about driving, so that we can see and experience more! Being curator will be a great way to experience the country in a unique way, and also appeal to other travelers. I will tweet and post lots of photos.

I am 43, married, 2 children (who are not going with us). I studied medieval history in college so I’m very interested in Siena in particular. I really can’t wait. I love food and wine and history and the visual arts. In the US I work in healthcare for people without health insurance (a charity) so I am interested in people and healthcare and society. I have been on Twitter for 5 years or so.

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Week 62


KeithCiao!  My name is Keith.  I studying for my Masters degree in international relations at St. John’s University in Rome.  I have been living in Italy for almost two years.  I have visited Rome more than a dozen times over the years as well as other places in Italy.  I am Italian-American so every trip to Italy is a way for me to get in touch with my roots and learn more about the culture and country that my family left all those years ago.  I also run a successful blog called “Parola del Giorno” with my friend, Giuseppe, where people learning Italian can improve their vocabulary and learn about Italian grammar. 


Week 61


ME sep2011 Ingrid Sperow is the Founder and Creative Director of Comunità Italiana USA. She established a community and a place outside of her immediate home as a place to discover the joy of Italian culture in the USA. Scoprite la gioia della cultura italiana . A place of Italian words, community, and all things & events Italian. Having lived in Rome, and having traveled far and wide throughout Italy and Europe, Ingrid fine tuned her tastes to all things and people Italian.
She teaches Italian privately in Silicon Valley (SF Bay Area) to adults and children and she serves as Direttrice degli Eventi per le DIVE (an all Italian expat women’s group in the San Francisco Bay Area).
In her words: “It has been my personal mission to promote Italian language and cultural enrichment to children & adults by providing a bridge to Italian language and culture here in America and abroad.”

Week 48


MicheleHi everybody, here it is what our new curator Michele Anello tells about himself:

“I’m a postgraduate student in International Relations and I lived most of my life abroad, 20 years out of 21 (thats quite a lot), mostly in middle east countries but also in east europe, now I’m back in Rome. My main hobbies are: watching movies, listening to music (basically all kinds of music except rap), traveling and simply hanging out with friends.”


Week 29


TiffanyMy name is Tiffany Parks, and I’m a writer, blogger, and licensed tour leader. Originally from Seattle, I have lived in Rome for over eight years, and have also called Boston and Montréal home. I hold a Masters of Music in opera, although these days I sing only for fun.

I am the editor and head writer of WHERE Rome magazine and the author of the blog The Pines of Rome (www.thepinesofrome.blogspot.com) where I write about Rome’s art, history, curiosities, exhibitions, and the joys and challenges of expat life in Italy. I’m currently putting the finishing touches on my first novel, an art mystery for young readers set in Rome.

I love umbrella pine trees, Caravaggio, Borromini, Puccini operas, Hermes scarves, memorizing poetry, and finding out how Rome’s streets got their names.

Week 26


LucaHi everybody,I’m Luca. Nice to meet & tweet you.I was born 33 years ago in Turin and grew up in Savona, a small town along the northwest Italian seaside (Beautiful landscapes, I swear), but now I am living in Rome – where I work as a PR and Press Officer for the Taipei Representative Office in Italy. I really like East Asian culture.
I graduated in International Politics years ago and now I am deepening my skills in the fields of Communication and Institutional/Public/Media Relation. Of course, knowing social media is a must and issues like Nation Branding and Digital Diplomacy are catching my interest, recently.
Besides politics and East Asia, I also like reading books (whatever book) and writing short novels, as well as listening to Jazz music and go running. I am very talkative, too – my girlfriend calls me “parlino”, it sounds like “talky” – and I totally love culture and history. Anyway don’t worry: Twitter has only 140 characters, so I won’t be so boring. 😛
And yes, I love pizza too. I’m Italian, you know.What else? Dunno. You’ll discover me day by day and I hope you’ll enjoy the part of Italy I am going to represent.
See you all on Twitter, folks.

Week 16

Isabella @DuopuntoZero

isabellaMy name is Isabella but my friends call me Pitty, I am from Rome and I love this beautiful city.
If I were to describe myself in two words I’d say curious and enthusiastic.

I work at Radio Capital where everyday from 5pm to 7pm I work behind the scenes with Emanuele Rastelletti for the Radio broadcast “Non c’è Duo senza Tè” presented by Mary Cacciola and Andrea Lucatello. My job is to find news and all sorts of curious stuff for the live programme. We have a lot of fun together!!

Every Saturday during the broadcast “Weekend per Duo” I am the curator of Duo.Zero where I speak On Air for a few minutes at 17.30 p.m. about the Web, Internet and Social Networks. That is how I learnt about the @I_am_Italy  project.

I love to travel, see new places and learn about new cultures. I love to laugh, take photos of what’s around me and most of all I love food… I love to eat!

Week 12


handeMy name is Hande (that is female!), on twitter i am @vinoroma (since over 4 years, I think).

I am a Turkish-born German citizen and have been living in Rome, Italy for exactly 5 years now.

I am in the wine business, am a certified sommelier and wset certificate holder and teach about Italian wines to a mostly non-italian audience in my wine studio in the center of Rome.

Week 9



I was born in Bulgaria in 1979, but moved to Rome, Italy with my family in my early teens. I’ve changed more or less 15 professions. Now I translate, take pictures, love, read, write, dream and take the dog out. I also have a website: http://www.danielavladimirova.it