Week 64


VictoriaLa dolce vita for me sums up Victoria’s passion and love for all things Italian. An American (with deep Italian roots) living in California, her heart is always in Italy.
As a travel consultant, blogger, and writer, Victoria loves sharing practical no-nonsense travel tips and insights as well as her own experiences from a personal and light-hearted point-of-view.
Victoria loves writing on her travel blog, www.PostcardsfromTravelPiZazz.com and invites you to join her there as well as on Facebook, Twitter, Italian Talks, Italian Notebook, and Pinterest. She now offers two boutique tours to Italy and is editing her first e-book on travel planning.


Week 62


KeithCiao!  My name is Keith.  I studying for my Masters degree in international relations at St. John’s University in Rome.  I have been living in Italy for almost two years.  I have visited Rome more than a dozen times over the years as well as other places in Italy.  I am Italian-American so every trip to Italy is a way for me to get in touch with my roots and learn more about the culture and country that my family left all those years ago.  I also run a successful blog called “Parola del Giorno” with my friend, Giuseppe, where people learning Italian can improve their vocabulary and learn about Italian grammar. 


Week 58


melissa_200x200Hello everybody! Here’s what Melissa tells us about her italianity:

“Ciao! Sono Melissa la studentessa matta – the crazy student of Italian! In college I studied painting and Art History in Firenze. Regretting I didn’t learn the language better at that time, about fifteen years ago I began to self teach-myself the Italian language. I have since become fluent using every means available to me! I now promote the study of the Italian language through the Studentessa Matta Project. I write a blog in Italian called Diario di una Studentessa Matta (www.studentessamatta) to exercise and flex language skills and encourage others to study the language. The blog explores all aspects of Italian culture & current events in a light and humorous way. Also featured are language learning tips, websites, videos & articles that are helpful to obtaining fluency. I travel frequently to Italy and three years ago I began to organize Matta Language and Cultural trips to Italy, for those who want to dive beneath the surface and use their the language in a fun and meaningful way. I am so crazy for Italy and the language that recently I have also initiated a monthly podcast series called “Italian Talk for Lovers of the Language”.”

She also posted on her blog about I_am_Italy project! Have a look: http://www.studentessamatta.com/io-sono-litalia-italy/

Week 56


OxanaMy name is Oxana Sytnik and I come from a country of neverending cold, vodka and matreshkas, try to guess which one it is 🙂 I am currently doing a PhD in Marine and Coastal Management in the University of Bologna and at the moment based in Ravenna. I am a curios person, always trying to do something interesting, discovering something new, stumbling upon the most amazing stuff that life brings up. I am passionate about travelling and my suitcase is always packed and ready to go! While living in Italy I have been taught one thing that I put into use to my every day life, here it goes: start your morning with coffee and end your evening with wine. I love you, Italy!

Week 55


Marco eduMy name is Marco Albonico, I am Italian, and I am 25 years old. I live in Italy. I have a Master’s in International Relations from Richmond, the American International University in London. Upon graduating from Richmond, I worked in sales and in the customer service sector for INFINITI.
I recently moved back to Italy as I am studying in order to be a diplomat.
I am passionate about social media, climate change, sustainability, and having lived abroad far from home in countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom, I do appreciate Italy!

Week 52


StefanologoHello everybody! For this new year’s eve week we have Stefano with us, that introduces himself as follows:
“Hi, I am a digital italian dad and a software developer, passionate about good food, sea and science fiction. I live in Cento (FE), and I’d like to share something about ‘la bassa’ Emilia Romagna.”

Week 50


io2 Hi everybody, this week is my turn! My name is Mattia and together with my sister (almost true!) Vale (@valeversa), I am admin of this wonderful project 🙂
Italian, I was raised in Forlì and currently living/working in Ravenna, very far from my hometown (30 km). I love playing music, cooking and joking about my hairstyle.
This week I will be helped with another sister (this time a real one), @missmix123 – that will hopefully run a week by herself, too, one day 😉
Hope you will enjoy this time together!


Week 49


CristianoHello Everybody!
Next week’s curator will be Cristiano from Biella: as he says, a “little rainy spot between Milano and Torino (or, better between Torino and Milano)”.
He is a 43 years old computer scientist, book-eater, cinema fan and “photographer” (quotation marks added by him).
Follow his week to find out more!

Week 37



anja alja1Hello, we’re Alja and Anja, conservator-restorer and historian from Slovenia. We met each other during our second study of Design in stone and we hit if off straight away. Our mutual interests are presented in a brand that we started together – Milo za drago (Soap for my dear). In Slovenian this is also a playful phrase and with our products we try to give it a new, positive meaning.

Now we are spending our last week of summer internship in a mosaic workshop in Ravenna, Italy.
In our tweets we’ll share what inspires us here, so stay tuned.
And if you want to know more about us, check out our blog milozadrago.si