Week 56


OxanaMy name is Oxana Sytnik and I come from a country of neverending cold, vodka and matreshkas, try to guess which one it is 🙂 I am currently doing a PhD in Marine and Coastal Management in the University of Bologna and at the moment based in Ravenna. I am a curios person, always trying to do something interesting, discovering something new, stumbling upon the most amazing stuff that life brings up. I am passionate about travelling and my suitcase is always packed and ready to go! While living in Italy I have been taught one thing that I put into use to my every day life, here it goes: start your morning with coffee and end your evening with wine. I love you, Italy!


Week 6


dilettaI was born in a small town in Le Marche region and I graduated in International Relations at Bologna University; I’m currently living and working in Bologna but dreaming of a Ph.D in Japan, which might happen later this year. I love travelling (I lived in the US and in Taiwan), Asia, artists and coffee. My main passion is writing, followed by Japanese rock music. I’m a closet nerd with a big wardrobe.