Week 70


DSCN9928Researching in Italian, writing in English for US- and UK-based corporations on subjects as varied as heart valves and cell phones, I have also turned my hand to writing/editing travel guide books, and am currently helping complete a rewrite of the Time Out Guide to Milan, to be published in time for Expo2015. Other titles have included Milan: Art, Shop, Eat for Blue Guides/Somerset Books, and Dorling Kindersley’s Top 10 Milan, Lombardy and the Lakes.


Week 69

 @StresaTravel/ Sarah

sarahHello, my name is Sarah.
I have worked in Italy since 1994, firstly for Eurocamp then, after finishing my degree, for Thomson Holidays and I am now settled in Stresa on Lake Maggiore with my partner and work for the family business (www.stresatravel.com). I have lived in Stresa for 9 years.

Week 68



lisaHello, I am Lisa!  In August 2012, I sold my home, most all my possessions, hung up my aerobic shoes and headed for Italy!  I have lived for two years now in Florence. I co-own A Better Way to Italy, www.betterwaytoitaly.com, a tour company that brings groups of women to Tuscany.  I also am a featured contributor for the Huffington Post, where I write about Italy and all things travel and living here related!  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/lisa-condie/

Week 60



CherThis week we have Cher Hale with us! She is “an instigator of adventure and romance on her blog The Iceberg Project, where she teaches people how to charm Italians with their own language.”


Week 56


OxanaMy name is Oxana Sytnik and I come from a country of neverending cold, vodka and matreshkas, try to guess which one it is 🙂 I am currently doing a PhD in Marine and Coastal Management in the University of Bologna and at the moment based in Ravenna. I am a curios person, always trying to do something interesting, discovering something new, stumbling upon the most amazing stuff that life brings up. I am passionate about travelling and my suitcase is always packed and ready to go! While living in Italy I have been taught one thing that I put into use to my every day life, here it goes: start your morning with coffee and end your evening with wine. I love you, Italy!

[Admin] Happy Birthday I_am_Italy!


1 Anno di I_am_Italy (e una brutta news)

Ciao a tutti!
Questo breve post è per marcare il primo anniversario di I am Italy! Abbiamo iniziato questa avventura esattamente un anno fa: 52 settimane e 52+ curators dopo, vorremmo semplicemente dire un grosso GRAZIE a chiunque abbia contribuito al nostro progetto e creduto che fosse possibile parlare e descrivere l’Italia attraverso le nostre esperienze, storie ed opinioni…talvolta anche in modo divertente!
La grande famiglia di I_am_Italy è cresciuta costantemente: l’account Twitter conta ormai più di 2600 followers e, cosa più importante dei numeri, l’interazione tra di noi e tra noi e gli altri account internazionali è sempre stata stimolante ed interessante. Siamo molto contenti, inoltre, che il nostro progetto abbia ispirato la nascita di altri progetti simili: una menzione particolare a I_am_Europe che inizierà la rotazione proprio in questi giorni. Buona fortuna, ragazzi!

Sfortunatamente, questo anniversario arriva anche con una brutta news: siamo giunti alla fine della nostra lista di curators e, in meno di 10 giorni, se nessuno si candiderà a curator, saremo costretti a mettere in pausa il progetto fino a data sconosciuta (siamo troppo sentimentali per scrivere ‘per sempre’). Come detto, l’unico modo per salvare il progetto è trovare nuovi curators, motivati a partecipare per una settimana a testa. Per questo motivo chiediamo il vostro aiuto: Siamo aperti a qualsiasi suggerimento su come spargere la voce tra le persone potenzialmente interessate. Due modi per aiutare: spargere la voce tra i vostri contatti (linkando al nostro blog o ad uno degli interessantissimi articoli che sono stati scritti sul progetto durante questo anno) e/o suggerendo a noi soluzioni alternative (tramite il nostro indirizzo email: iamitalyontwitter@gmail.com).

Salviamo I_am_Italy tutti assieme!

M. & V.


1 Year of I_am_Italy (and some bad news)

Hello everyone!

Here’s Mattia and Valentina writing you!
This short post is to mark the first birthday of I am Italy! We opened up this project exactly one year ago: 52 amazing weeks and 52+ wonderful curators later, we simply want to say a big thank you to everyone who contributed to the project and believed to the little crazy idea that talking about Italy throught our direct experiences, stories and opinions was possible…and fun!
The I_am_Italy community constantly grew, during the past year: the Twitter account has reached about 2,6k followers and the interaction with the other international accounts is always interesting. We are also happy that our project was a source of inspiration for other similar accounts: a shout out to I_am_Europe that will start the rotation very soon! Good Luck, guys!

Unfortunately, this moment of celebration is clouded by bad news: we are at the bottom of the curator’s list and in less than 10 days, if there won’t be new people applying as curators, we will be forced to pause the project for an unknown period of time (we are too sad to say ‘forever’). In order to save I_am_Italy and go on with our rotation, we are open to any suggestion from you on how to reach and recrute people who could be interested in joining the curation. It would take only a few people to restart the curator’s list and make the project go on, hopefully for another year!
Do you know someone who could be interested in curating? Please, share our Apply link: http://bit.ly/TOnmDO
If you have any other idea on how to spread the word, get in contact with us at iamitalyontwitter@gmail.com.
Any kind of help will be appreciated!

SAVE I_am_Italy!

M & V

Week 49


CristianoHello Everybody!
Next week’s curator will be Cristiano from Biella: as he says, a “little rainy spot between Milano and Torino (or, better between Torino and Milano)”.
He is a 43 years old computer scientist, book-eater, cinema fan and “photographer” (quotation marks added by him).
Follow his week to find out more!

Week 43


sandraI am Sandra, I was born in Rome and lived in Rome until I was 30, and then I started moving around, for work and for love: Turin, Stockholm, Brussels and now Chisinau (Moldova). I worked in digital and strategic communication for the Italian public television RAI, Istituto Europeo di Design and most recently the European Commission and some of its specialised agencies – now I am about to start working on my own as a consultant. My family is half Swedish, five people born in five different cities and four different countries; my younger child at 3 is learning his fourth language (we did not choose it, it just happened!). I tweet mostly about the EU, gender equality, public health, entrepreneurship, and communication.