Apply & Guidelines

Want to be the voice of Italy on Twitter for one week? 

Answer the following question!

1. Are you willing to post at least twice a day, every day, for a week (running Mon-Sun)?
Obviously the more you tweet the better it is, as people will get to know you.

2. Do you live, work or study in Italy? Are you an Italian living abroad?
No borders, no discriminations. You just gotta love Italy and have your own view of it (please, let’s stay positive!)

3. Will you take care of the @I_am_Italy account like your very own baby?
No spamming, fighting or being obscene. Generally bear in mind that it’s a small community account and we’re trying to engage people, inside and outside Italy, to create a nice and friendly network. For this reason, we also ask you to tweet in English.

4. Are you already on Twitter?
This is an important point for the admins for one simple reason: you will be able to have a fast judgement about people/situations that you will encounter during your curator week (e.g. trolls, spam, scams and other little technical things that may occur).

If all your answers are YES, just get in touch with us at iamitalyontwitter[at] or from here:

Once you are selected for tweeting, here’s what you should really keep in mind:

1. The designated curator should not tweet anything racist, sexist, homophobic, or otherwise derogatory when curating. The admins will always have a look on what happens to the twitter account but that doesn’t mean that they will be able to check every single tweet/retweet. For this reason, and because this is a community project, the admins rely on the education and respect of the curators. In case this trust will be broken, the admins could decide the curators to have their posting privileges revoked.

2. Self promotion is good, spam is evil!
We all have our passions and our extremely cool jobs (?!), but using this channel to only talk about this topic is wrong…and boring for the readers! You know what is cool instead? Share your passions, your daily life! Let’s remember the main topic: Italy!

3. Curators and admins reserve the right to block flamers and spammers at will.

4. Admins reserve the right to revoke the curator privilege, also during the week, if not coherent with the above guidelines.

Each curators will be briefly presented on this blog at the beginning of his/her week as @I_am_Italy!


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