Week 39


logo Hello everyone! This week we decided to try something a bit different on the account. Elena, our designated curator for this week, will not only represent herself but she will also be our special reporter from a very interesting event that will take place in Forlí, Italy during the whole week.
Because of the topics and the values expressed within this event, we are sure you will enjoy this tweetweek! Here’s a brief description of what will be going on in Forlì:

La Settimana del Buon Vivere/The Week of Good Living is a seven days event that takes place every year in Forlì, Italy. Sustainability, anti-waste policies, ethical economics are just some of the red threads that link together topics and people who participate in the event. Our mission is to open up a space where to practice the basis for our future, believing in the importance of sharing experiences and goals.

This year BV is dedicated to women and their active role within society. We want to promote discussions on gender and identify where possible a better collective organization where people can express themselves. Also art and culture live throughout the week of Good Living; our shows, concerts and exhibitions never fail to inspire the audience and create a place where imagination can meet the real. To Affect it and eventually change it.

To follow La Settimana del Buon Vivere in Italian, here’s their Twitter account: @buon_vivere


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