Week 26


LucaHi everybody,I’m Luca. Nice to meet & tweet you.I was born 33 years ago in Turin and grew up in Savona, a small town along the northwest Italian seaside (Beautiful landscapes, I swear), but now I am living in Rome – where I work as a PR and Press Officer for the Taipei Representative Office in Italy. I really like East Asian culture.
I graduated in International Politics years ago and now I am deepening my skills in the fields of Communication and Institutional/Public/Media Relation. Of course, knowing social media is a must and issues like Nation Branding and Digital Diplomacy are catching my interest, recently.
Besides politics and East Asia, I also like reading books (whatever book) and writing short novels, as well as listening to Jazz music and go running. I am very talkative, too – my girlfriend calls me “parlino”, it sounds like “talky” – and I totally love culture and history. Anyway don’t worry: Twitter has only 140 characters, so I won’t be so boring. 😛
And yes, I love pizza too. I’m Italian, you know.What else? Dunno. You’ll discover me day by day and I hope you’ll enjoy the part of Italy I am going to represent.
See you all on Twitter, folks.

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