Week 25


LuciaBorn and raised in Sicily 30 years ago, my name is Lucia and I live in Milan since this weird – but still great – city had welcomed me when I started my internship here.

I’m a PR & digital specialist, working in a PR firm. Because of my job I’m experiencing the Public Relations sector, but what I’m really interested in is PEOPLE Relations.

I’m curious and I can get lost listening all the conversations engaged around me. My favourite places are airports, parks, streets and all those sites where you can meet a lot of people and start guessing who they are, how they live, what they love…

I’m used to talk when I’ve got something to say, but the truth is that I love connecting with others and being part of several conversations. That’s why I’m a social media addicted and my next plan (after being the @I_am_Italy Curator for 1 week!) will be writing my own blog… Stay tuned!


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