Week 22


georgetteAmerican girl in Florence living, working, and blogging with a glass of wine at her side – who strives to be just as social offline as she is online.

I am from Texas and have lived in Florence, Italy since 2007 after finding myself drawn to the ‘big city in small city feel’ — plus its prime location for discovering Europe.

You can describe me as a multi-tasker who works mainly as a social media consultant for a variety of interesting clients based in Italy and Abroad. I love my job and feel very grateful to be doing something I am passionate about in Italy, where there is an emerging market for this type of work.

You can find me at www.insidersabroad.com and cool Italian start-up lab Nana Bianca, http://nanabianca.it/ . This along with writing for my own blog which I started in order to help other find updated, relevant information about my city of Firenze from the perspective of a late-20 something living, working and budgeting.
Curiosity is my drug of choice.


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