Week 16

Isabella @DuopuntoZero

isabellaMy name is Isabella but my friends call me Pitty, I am from Rome and I love this beautiful city.
If I were to describe myself in two words I’d say curious and enthusiastic.

I work at Radio Capital where everyday from 5pm to 7pm I work behind the scenes with Emanuele Rastelletti for the Radio broadcast “Non c’è Duo senza Tè” presented by Mary Cacciola and Andrea Lucatello. My job is to find news and all sorts of curious stuff for the live programme. We have a lot of fun together!!

Every Saturday during the broadcast “Weekend per Duo” I am the curator of Duo.Zero where I speak On Air for a few minutes at 17.30 p.m. about the Web, Internet and Social Networks. That is how I learnt about the @I_am_Italy  project.

I love to travel, see new places and learn about new cultures. I love to laugh, take photos of what’s around me and most of all I love food… I love to eat!


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